standardized-testsSt. Michael Lutheran School is a state-approved private school, offering grades Preschool through 8th, all taught by certified teachers. Our school is accredited by three separate accrediting bodies, including National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA).

The school prides itself on offering a Christ-centered, strong academic program. As an example, recent standardized test scores found our 1st graders overall performance well above the 90th percentile in reading, math, science and social studies, with most year-end Kindergarteners reading proficiently. Our school was named #2 among Michigan District Lutheran Schools who administered the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.

These excellent scores are achieved through a blend of a Christ-centered environment, class size, outstanding certified teachers, and a strong curriculum. For more detail on our curriculum follow the links below:

In an effort to enhance the learning that goes on each school day, St. Michael offers fun and educational enrichment courses such as Science Olympiad, Mad Science, Drama Club, and Junior Achievement just to name a few.

Overall, this proves to be a strong academic program that goes well beyond what is available to elementary students in surrounding districts. You may wonder how this can be, given the high quality public schools in our community? The answer lies in the class sizes and the Christian values. Teachers at St. Michael Lutheran School are able to teach more reading and math, and also include non-traditional subjects such as history, geography, foreign language, and religion.

“High-level academics are an outstanding aspect of St. Michael Lutheran School. As university professors we believe that a strong academic foundation is essential, and St. Michael has exceeded our expectations. Having reviewed the curriculum at districts throughout the broader Kalamazoo area, St. Michael’s programming for all students is at least equal to the “plus” classes available for only some within the public schools. And just as important is the individual pacing and support available for students. We feel great about our decision to have sent our children to St. Michael, knowing they have received an outstanding education.”

Louann Bierlein Palmer, Professor
Department of Educational Leadership
Western Michigan University

Timothy Palmer, Professor
Department of Management
Western Michigan University

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