Attached you will find the COVID Preparedness Plan for St. Michael Lutheran School which includes the practices and procedures under which we will conduct face to face instruction beginning August 31. This plan is built upon the mandates and directives of the special task force assembled by Governor Whitmer, reviewed by the Michigan District Office for Lutheran Schools, as well as the Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools, and adapted for our particular school setting.

The plan is in three phases which correspond to the phases for reopening the state of Michigan. While changes between Phase 4 and Phase 5 are minimal, changes from Phase 5 to Phase 6 are significant. The special task force called by the governor did not address procedures nor make recommendations on how best to handle vocal music and band classes. All schools are still awaiting that information which will eventually become an addendum to our plan.

I encourage you to read through this document. It will be necessary that every family comply with these procedures in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.


Waiver of Liability relating to Coronavirus