We believe reading is a key component of successful education. To achieve maximum reading success and to instill a love of reading, we combine several programs.

The Scott Foresman’s reading program for K through 3rd grades provides the foundation for our early elementary reading program. The program provides material to achieve the following objectives:

  • Thinking skills
  • The ability to read with comprehension, appreciation, and discernment
  • Grammar and standard usage mechanics
  • A well developed speaking, writing and reading vocabulary
  • Strong spelling skills
  • Research skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Listening and study skills

Scott Foresman’s has a strong phonics base that enables our students to become proficient readers at an early age. The materials work to give our K through 3rd graders a thorough, enjoyable, and highly teachable approach to reading. Besides building the necessary background for confident reading, this program trains students to listen carefully and develop good habits of thinking, analyzing, organizing, memorizing and applying important facts and rules.

After the foundation for reading is well established, St. Michael Lutheran School concentrates on nurturing the love of reading. In grades 4th through 8th we use a curriculum that utilizes trade and chapter books as its base. Books are selected to promote the love of reading and to coordinate with the history and/or science lessons creating an integrated curriculum. The writing and grammar series Voyages in English from Loyola Press builds on these all important skills learned in early grade levels.

Additionally, our middle school curriculum includes literature and grammar components both of which incorporate writing. A variety of novels are read as well as an extended unit on Shakespeare. The entire school uses 6+1 Writing Traits and the John Collins writing format.


Starting with first grade each class has DEAR (Drop Every Thing And Read) Time daily.


St. Michael Lutheran School offers a library the students visit weekly. Our collection of children’s favorites is literature rich and encourages a love of reading.

Kindergarten in the Library 005-cropped