For grades 1 – 5, our Science curriculum, Discovery Works (developed by Silver Burdett Ginn, edited by Concordia Publishing House), offers clear, relevant science content. Students discover scientific principles through investigation. Science is taught in a way that integrates our Christian faith, showing God as the Creator of all. The textbooks are bright, bold and captivating. Each week, students get to experiment and discover through hands on lab activities.

Activities help students to make connections that show God as Creator and stimulate a discussion of science and Christian values. Students also receive special instruction when popular belief systems contradict the Word of God.



During the Space Unit the 5th graders turned their class room into an International Space Station. Then they gave tours to the rest of the school and parents.

Our middle school grades use the new Glencoe Science Series modules. This is a series of 12 modules is supplemented with materials from Answers in Genesis which helps present a Christian world-view of science and creation.

Special Projects

As part of the fourth grade Animals unit the entire class creates and publishes a Field Guide. Grade 7 & 8 do a number of dissection projects including a heart, eye, and lung.

Each year we hold a school-wide science night. Students either participate in a class science project or an individual project and present their findings to the many interested visitors who come to this special evening.